Pharmaceutical Disposal


Unwanted Pharmaceuticals Disposal Program

simple, cost-effective solution for your unwanted and non-creditable pharmaceuticals including schedules II-V, OTC, and Rx.

Why Use a Licensed Pharmaceutical Mailback Program?

small_pharmaceutical_waste_disposal_mail_backEnvironmentally Friendly:

Keep potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals out of the landfills and harmful drug residues out of the water supply.


Regulations vary by state, this helps us make sure you have the appropriate solution.

Fully Compliant:

Complies with all federal and state agencies.


Available in 2 convenient sizes (2 1/2 gal and 12 gal) 
to meet the needs of your facility.

Cost Effective: 


As an alternative to a pharmaceutical waste pickup, mailback programs do not require a driver, truck, and fuel to come to your facility. 

Protect the Public:

Prevent illegal diversion of controlled substances. 

BONUS: Clear up space at your practice - empty out that closet full of samples! 

How It Works:

1. Once you sign up we will ship the supplies to you. You will fill the bucket, package it for shipping and attach the label. 

2. You will order a UPS pickup to return the bucket to us. We take care of the rest at our secure facility.

Note: Once we receive your bucket for destruction, we will send you a new one.

For Controlled Substances 

You will receive a Controlled Inventory Transfer Form which you will complete and return. Once we receive the form the supplies needed to finish the transfer process will be shipped to you.

***For schedules I-II, there is an extra step that is necessary to be taken for the returns process.